The Bella Vista Marching Band
and Color

The ONLY Marching Band program in the San Juan Unified School District and a top-ranking band in Northern California. Students in this band program are recognized throughout the region for program excellence, excellent musicianship, and challenging teamwork.


Marching & Symphonic Band

Marching Band is a class from August through mid November and changes to a Symphonic band class from December through May. It's focus is performance, competition and local events. The class will require rehearsal time outside of the regular school day.

Marching Band Field Shows are the height of the band experience! During the months of October and November, the Band will compete in various marching competitions (some may require travel).  

Most competitions begin in the afternoon and can run late in the evening with the Field Show competition and Awards Ceremony. The length of each competition varies according to how many bands are involved and the type of competition. It is imperative to your peace of mind to remain flexible.


Jazz Band

The Jazz Band class is open to students who want to enhance their musical skill in the jazz realm. The group travels throughout Northern California, and Nevada competeing in international jazz festivals such as the acclaimed Reno Jazz Festival. This class meets everyday during zero period.